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My Code Teacher

Bronze Pack
Get unlimited access to any 1 language for $14.99/month
Silver Pack
Get unlimited access to any 2 language for $19.99/month
Gold Pack
Get unlimited access to ALL languages for $24.99/month

What is MyCodeTeacher.com?
MyCodeTeacher.com is an online video tutorial subscription service that helps users learn one of many programming languages with 2,000+ minutes of online video tutorials!

By means of progressive sets of lessons, go from a beginner to an expert more quickly than ever before!

What can I learn?
MyCodeTeacher.com currently offers the following languages: PHP, iPhone SDK, xHTML & CSS, Photoshop for the iPhone, Cocos2d for the iPhone (soon...), Linux (soon...), cPanel/WHM (soon...), Virtualization (soon...), Java (soon...), C++ (soon...), Visual Basic (soon...)

How often is new content added?
MyCodeTeacher.com is always adding new content, generally once per week, including tutorials, project files and more. As a member you'll always be learning! Be sure to check out all of the features and benefits of becoming a member.

In depth screen-captured videos with voice over explanations of every step taken to achieve a certain task

Video File Downloads
If you would like to follow along with the code in a video, but would rather not start from scratch, you can download all files used in any video

Support Service
Ask any questions you come across: video-related or site-related

Communicate with other users and admins by means of per-video comments and questions

Communicate with other users by means of the MCT user private message system

Build a profile for communication with other users whether for professional or social purposes

Easily Managed Billing
Billing is very simple and straight forward. Update your billing info in minutes, or cancel your subscription completely with the press of one cancel-confirm button